Conductive adhesives for electronic packaging technology

ㆍAnisotropic conductive film (ACF) development for LCD driver IC interconnection
ㆍDevelopment of conductive adhesive materials (ACF/ACA/NCF/NCA) for COB, COG, COF, FOG, FOB applications
ㆍProcess development and reliability evaluation
ㆍUltrasonic bonding for ACF interconnection
ㆍDevelopment of wafer level packages using conductive adhesives
ㆍFine pitch 2-metal layer chip-on-flex(COF) packaging

Nano-fiber ACF

Flip chip assembly using solder bumps

ㆍFlip chip UBM/solder bumping and interface study
ㆍDevelopment of process and materials for Pb-free solder flip chip interconnection
ㆍReliability evaluation of Pb-free solder flip chip interconnection
ㆍFine pitch flip chip interconnection using Cu column/Solder double bumps

3D through-silicon-via (TSV) interconnection technology

ㆍDevelopment of non-conductive adhesive for 3D TSV interconnection
ㆍDevelopment of wafer-level bonding process for chip-stacking using NCF
ㆍReliability evaluation of fine-pitch Cu/Sn-Ag double bump interconnection

High thermo/electro-conductive metal nanowire/polymer composite materials

ㆍDevelopment of high conducting NCF with magnetic-field oriented Cu/Ni nano-wire